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The school which started off with a 3000 sq ft class room area, has grown now into a massive classroom built area of 1,00,000 sq ft. The school has earmarked a huge space of 6 acres of land as play area for the students.

The School has well equipped separate Physics, chemistry & biology labs. Each of these labs can accommodate a minimum of 45 students for a practical session.

Adding pride to the School is a well equipped Computer Lab for Primary and High school seperately. To upkeep with the dynamic technology the School computer Lab is equipped with the latest high end desktops and high speed server. A proxy server provides Internet facility to all users of the lab.

36 high configured systems in each lab on a LAN network supported by a high capacity UPS provides uninterrupted and ample lab usage. The School offers computer science as a core subject in the higher secondary level & offers as a non-core subject from LKG to IX, to keep all the students abreast with the latest trend in the field of Information Technology.

The library which stores more than 40,000 books , CDs etc., is operated on the open access system providing books, journals & magazines on a wide range of subjects for use by children during library periods. A large volume of reference material, CD-ROMS, audio & video cassettes most of which are imported from US & European countries, is available for the student to benefit from. From the Encyclopedia Britannica to Science Journals, from the Biographies of great men to the entire collection of Information Technology magazine and from illustrated classics to Nancy Drew, any information from any period of time is on hand.

A separate junior library, mathematics laboratory, craft laboratory has been dedicated for primary children to be benefit from. The School has dedicated huge space of its land premises for the students playground.

The School has earmarked huge space for outdoor games like

Excellent facilities for indoor games like

A huge basketball court, cricket pitch, 200m race track has been dedicated for our students. A tennis court will also be coming up.

The school owns 10 buses and two vans to transport the students to school and back home. The school also has got an in-house canteen facility which provides healthy and hygienic food to the students, and staff.

Our school has 47 Smart Classrooms with Flatscreen Plasma TV & Computers and CD Projectors For effective teaching and learming. Only 15 Schools Has Such a huge facility in entire Tamilnadu.

School is planning to tied-up to give foundation course on Maths & Science, for classes VI to VII Std. students, to train them for appearing for all examinations. This is purely optional for students.

Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular activities:

A number of co-curricular and extra curricular activities like. From Class I onwards, our school offers students the opportunity to participate in the following activities:

Our Facilities